Unanticipated Community Needs

The Special Opportunities Fund (SOF) also is available to support a limited number of requests each year to address urgent but unanticipated concerns and needs in the community.

Priorities for SOF Grants in this Area

Youth members of Alternatives for Community and Environment celebrate a new youth transit pass program in Massachusetts (June 6, 2016)

The SOF provides the flexibility to support a small number of requests that fall outside of its overarching goal but relate to the Foundation’s overall mission. A very limited amount of funding will be available to respond to unanticipated and compelling community issues each year. These funds may not be used to address cash flow or related financial emergencies of individual nonprofit organizations.

Examples of previous SOF grants to address unanticipated needs include funding to several Haitian-run organizations to help meet the human service needs in the local community caused by the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti; planning for emerging efforts to address youth violence; and initial capacity-building support for organizations engaging especially under-represented communities.