Promoting Racial Justice

The Special Opportunities Fund (SOF) provides an additional way for the Foundation to support specific efforts to advance racial equity in greater Boston.

Priorities for SOF Grants in this Area

Muslim Justice League

Members of the Muslim Justice League denounce harsh 
federal racial profiling programs (April 6, 2016)

The SOF provides the flexibility to support a limited number of initiatives that relate to the Foundation’s overall mission and commitment to addressing racial and ethnic disparities.  The Foundation will consider special requests to address disparities that may lie outside of its specific grantmaking strategies but are related to them.  Priority will be given to requests that have a public policy and/or systems change focus.

Examples of previous SOF racial justice grants include support to public policy advocacy and related efforts to address the barriers to increasing financial assets and wealth within communities of color, ensure a fair and equitable 2010 U.S. Census process and address the need for additional public resources to address disparate educational and other outcomes for low-income youth of color.

The following are racial justice resources that you may find helpful in your discussions about race, racism and racial equity. These resources have not been produced by the Foundation, but we have found them useful in articulating concepts with colleagues and friends.