Convening and Networking

Grantee Convening and Networking

School-to-Prison Pipeline grantee convening (May 18, 2016) 

The Foundation convenes its grantees on both a regular and more formal basis as well as from time to time on specific topics. These interactions are meant to provide useful learning opportunities for both grantees and the Foundation; critical feedback on new ideas or potential approaches; and important updates on challenges and opportunities facing grantees and their communities.

School -to-Prison Pipeline Grantee Convening

In May 2016, the Hyams Foundation convened more than 30 youth and adults from 17 grantee organizations focused on strategies to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, including promoting positive, inclusive school climates; eliminating punitive discipline and adopting positive alternatives; and advancing juvenile justice reform. Through interactive activities and issue mapping, participants identified areas of alignment among their respective work, as well as opportunities and threats to advancing systems change. The Hyams staff look forward to drawing on participant feedback to inform future convenings, potential areas of research, and additional strategies to advance the work of our grantees.

Convening Fellow Funders

Foundation staff also has offered to convene or co-convene other funders for joint learning, sharing of information and feedback and advice. In the past, these efforts have focused on new areas of foundation work such as local philanthropy’s relationship with the Black church.

Social Justice Funders Network

In 2012, Hyams invited funders with a common interest in promoting social justice to come together to share their philosophies and current funding approaches and grantees and to consider areas for future joint learning. Now known as the Social Justice Funders Network (SJFN), this effort has become a learning community supported financially by multiple members for the benefit of the larger funding community. Topics to be addressed by the group are chosen by participants. The learning sessions have been facilitated to date by Interaction Institute for Social Change and with coordination assistance from Associated Grant Makers.